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Feerce always keeps in mind 4 key values. We believe it is very important to stick to our core principles when designing the collection.


sustainable sport socks
It is our moral obligation to understand the impact Feerce has on the environment. We only have one planet and we feel a responsibility to take care of it. We are committed to only using recycled or sustainable materials throughout the manufacturing process. We want to create awareness in our clients by sharing the desicion process that Feerce makes when choosing sustainable options.


knitting machineWe want to be fully transparent with our clients. By sharing the working conditions of our sock and yarn producers. Everything from the design process to our last quality check takes place in Europe

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Quality and comfort

sustainable socks

We believe every sock should be as comfortable and as fashionable as our Feerce collection. We work to improve the product quality through washing and wearing tests. The base of our sock consists of features, including an aerated knit to wick away sweat, a terry cloth sole and reinforced areas. All of these technical elements were chosen carefully to improve your sport performance.

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State of mind

state of mind
Combining sports with fashion. We want to spice up your sport outfit by giving that additional touch to complete your look. We want our customers to feel empowered and confident when wearing Feerce socks.